So what so what so what’s the scenario…

This blog is a contribution (informally) to the Project 365 concept. For myriad reasons I am interested in seeing if I can actually do this – post a photo every day for an entire year – and I am super interested in seeing what that year might look like to me at the end. It is like a big graphic list. That pleases me in inappropriate ways.

I chose to start this project on the Summer Solstice for an equally wide variety of reasons. For me the solstice has always been a special time. As a Northern California native, I love the late dusk and the smells of the summer that emanate from the longest day of the year. Now, situated on an island in the South China Sea where the calibrations of the angles of the sun are far less noticeable I find myself strangely reminiscent for the smells and sensations of those California days. This is not to be misconstrued as discontent because it is definitely not. It is just one of the many parts that make up my whole.

I look forward to seeing what a year in photos will recall, reveal and revere.

Oh, and I blog with more words here: no, THIS is how you do it

Here we go yo, here we go yo…


One comment on “So what so what so what’s the scenario…”

  1. Ooh, how exciting that you are doing this. I can’t wait to see your images. oxx

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