By: Amanda

Jun 16 2010

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Category: Canon400DSLR

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL


Tuen Ng is a public holiday in Hong Kong more contemporarily known as the Dragon Boat Festival. This annual holiday falls on the fifth day of the fifth moon in the lunar calendar. The boat races are really cool to watch; usually 20 paddlers, a drummer in front facing the crew who functions sort of like a coxswain and a helmsman to the rear. The drumming is what really makes it an event, in my opinion, but the color is pretty flash, too. There are races all over Hong Kong, from Discovery Bay to Stanley to Cheung Chau to Aberdeen. I like the Aberdeen races the best because it is where all the local fisherman’s teams go and they are awesome (the ex-pat teams seem to prefer to compete amongst themselves…) The harbor fills up and the teams are all on the big fishing boats until they race.

Today the weather was not super cooperative with occasional cloudbursts and humidity that caused all of the internal glass in my camera lens to fog up. It gave the photos an eerie, hazy (basically sucky) appearance, so this is not actually a focus issue but a weather issue. Ahhh, Hong Kong in summer.


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