By: Amanda

Dec 31 2009

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New Year’s Eve, 2009.

All plans for ringing in 2010 were totally upended this year… but that was okay as there were all sorts of other unusual variables in the mix. In my haste of working incredible hours in the days leading up to NYE in order to leave town for a Bali-day, I was remiss in carrying/using my camera. In fact, I did not take even one photo throughout the entire day or night except for this photo, which was technically shot after midnight making it on the New Year rather than the Eve. But in order to mark the day (eight hours at the office without a respite, a lovely dinner at Bistro Manchu, a sampan to Luk Chau, a warm and wonderful evening at the Pink House with some peopleI had not seen in ages and was so glad to reconnect with, and then one more sampan ride home in the cool, dark night) I pulled out my iPhone at the last minute.

The second subject will remain unnamed (or numbered), especially since he is a lawyer and I don’t wanna get in trouble. You may recognize me.

Or not.


One comment on “194/365”

  1. thank you

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