By: Amanda

Nov 24 2009

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Category: Canon PowerShot SX120


Focal Length:9.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX120 IS

24 November

Well… it has been nearly a month since that ridiculous fiasco that took place on Lamma went down. The South China Morning Post, in erroneous fashion, reported that the Lamma “drug syndicate” had been broken up. Syndicate? What?

Anyhow, after detaining and arresting a very interesting variety of people as the culminating event of apparently months of “undercover” work, our local version of Crockett and Tubbs got all big in their britches and managed to collect less contraband than could be found in a local high school on any given day. Whoop-de-doo.

I can’t be bothered to link to the SCMP, but I am sure there is plenty to read about here.

The upshot is that some cool pop-art has emerged as a result. I do not know who produced this or who is putting them up around the island, but I have always been partial to this sort of artistic style. Well done… but perhaps we can get a new one on the Pak Kok pier though, because someone tagged this one with the question “of watt?” [If it is a joke wrt to the Power Station, kudos. Otherwise, learn to spell.]


2 comments on “157/365”

  1. Dear Amanda,

    You’ve just beaten the Lamma-zine by one day by putting this great poster onto your home page. I just received the original artwork file from the artist and it’ll go nicely with another Letter to the Editor about this recent really “ridiculous fiasco” the poster is referring to.

    Hey, there are so many great photos in your 365 days project, would you mind me using some of them for the Photo of the Day spot on the home page my Lamma.com.hk website? Full credits and links fro you, of course.

    • Hey L-G…
      Of course you are welcome to any of the photos you like… You have my email so feel free to email if you want higher res.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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