November 8.

Today was a very interesting day for me. And time was on my mind, not only for the fact that I see this gigantic watch everyday I go into town, but because I was fighting time today and at the same time I was listening to someone tell me how ridiculous it is that we are always talking about how we have no time. And how no matter what else you have, with no time, it is all meaningless.


Once upon a time I threw my fairly expensive watch into the Gulf of Thailand off the rocks on Leela beach on Koh Phangan. I did this as a symbolic gesture to remind myself that there were things so much more important than being tied to time.

But I guess we sometimes forget the things we try to teach ourselves.

Every time that I look at this watch – gigantic and overpowering – it is always 10:10, Saturday, March 17.

And no one seems to mind.

Sort of brings the arbitrary nature of it all home to rest.

Driss: this one is for you.


2 comments on “141/365”

  1. you understand my obsession with this nearly meaningless concept, “measuring time”….

  2. I love this picture! I also love your post about it.

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