By: Amanda

Oct 22 2009

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Category: Canon PowerShot SX120

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX120 IS

Tuesday the 20th of October, 2009.

Camellia calls the tram the ding-ding.

I decided to take the ding-ding to yoga today. I used to occasionally take the tram in the city because it is completely cheap – HK$2 – ervery time, every place. But then I got in a hurry and it started pissing me off. My disdain coincided with the appearance of the full vehicular Juicy Couture ads, so not sure if it was the inefficiency or the regurgitation potential that put me off. [Like the buses and taxis, the trams function as mobile billboards. I guess I should just be glad Ed Hardy has not appeared.] Anyhow, it turns out, it is a great way to get to where I need to go these days.

I should’ve known I was gonna come around to enjoying a ride on the ding-ding.


One comment on “122/365”

  1. You have Juicy Couture, we have Marc Jacobs. Trade?

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