By: Amanda

Aug 02 2009

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I made a conscious decision not to carry my camera today because it was just so damn hot, I couldn’t face carrying anything with me that I did not have to. Especially on this ferry trip with Norman and Matilda as they were the lucky recipients of their booster shots this morning. Of course, as you would expect there were at least a half a dozen moments today that I wished I had my camera (as above.) Lesson learned.

It was 95°F today, and though the humidity was only 70%, the heat index had us over 110°F. It was also so polluted and smoggy that I almost used a picture showing how Tsim Sha Tsui was barely visible from the Central Ferry piers. But it was too gross.

But these kids were so cute and so totally interested in the miao miaos that I had to use this shot, even though it is so small… Norm and Matil make friends everywhere they go – I am always surprised at how interested the locals are wen I take them over to Aberdeen. Anyhow… Another Sunday come and gone…


One comment on “43/365”

  1. It’s the Royal Hong Kong Floating Zoological Park! Animals are off-limits to the visitors, please remain behind the chain for your own personal safety.

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