By: Amanda

Jul 23 2009

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Category: iPhone

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All right, I could not resist, I had to post this Hep Cat, because well, he is just sooooo….. Ummm… hip? This is definitely one of the top ten mannequins I have ever seen ever, and that includes Kim Cattral coming to life back in 1987. I should have taken the extra two minutes to take my real camera out to really do him justice, but I had an important date (not as important as March 5, 2010… but important none the less.)

Anyhow, this Hey Guy just screams, “How YOU doin’?” His fingers should be pointing at you like pistols. (They are not, but I chalk it up to a flexibility issue because these shop owners clearly have a sense of humor.) These are the moments that I do really appreciate Hong Kong.

You go hipster.

ps: Frenchie and I are visible in the glasses if you look really hard…


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