By: Amanda

Jul 15 2009

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Category: Canon400DSLR, Photoshop


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL

Well, today was the day bazillions of people were waiting for… the release of Harry Potter 6. I don’t even know the real name, only that is the SIXTH uber-long movie with quidditch and stuff. I may see it, but if it requires seeing all the others then probs not. Either way, Christina and Nathalie came by the office today on their way to the 3pm showing. I told them that they were laying a good foundation for a future of Rocky Horror participatory movie watching. They didn’t totally get it but they humored me. We’ll see how well their humor stands up to being immortalized, though slightly disguised, on my blog. It seemed an apropos subject.

Hi Ladies! Hope it was good… 😉


2 comments on “25/365”

  1. HAHAHA omg this is funsies! the name of the movie is called Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. i’m actually being nice here because i expect all my friends to know the name of all the harry potter books/movies. so study up amanda! i’m quizzing you the next time i see you.

    if i’m speaking from an unbiased point of view, the movie actually sucked. it was kinda boring cause they missed some of the important parts of the book and the movie was so anticlimatic =__=

    but from a biased point of view, the movie was GOOOOOOD! not watching it would be a CRIME!

    and i like the picture. if i could like it on this blog like i can like things on facebook, i’d like this. (that’s a lot of likes…i sound like miley cyrus.)

    well hope you’re having fun in ntk! i’m sending you waves of internet happiness to cheer you up from what must be a dull day at work. :D:D:D:D:D are you getting it?

  2. HAHAHA!!!!!!!! omg awesome.
    kweestina pretty much summed up the movie. you should see it! see it with us we’ll go a third time and abuse all the parts where the directors effed up. (aka BURNING DOWN THE BURROW WTF?????? UH.. WHERE WAS THAT IN THE BOOK? WHERE? WHERE I ASK???????????????????) see it see it see it. get ntk to let you off it is basically a public holiday! harry day. or we’l book your entire day and have a marathon! wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
    /* (my little harry emoticon. cute ja?)

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