By: Amanda

Jul 11 2009

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Category: Canon400DSLR

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL

A struggle today to choose a photo that could capture the absolute INSANITY of this display in front of Times Square in Causeway Bay right now. To really grasp it you have to understand the HK fetish with all things Disney (make reference to Looney Tunes and you might get a glimmer of recognition, Hanna-Barbera? Zilch.) So, there is this whole Mickey thing going on, but it is Graffiti Mickey and Evil Mickey and Tagger Mickey and Distorted-Like-I’m-On-Acid Mickey. They built a simulated ghetto, with broken down walls and spray paint and the whole works. It is a complete trip. I will probably put a series of photos on my blog about it, it is just so bizarre. But for now I give you this: Evil Mickey and Co., and a fake brick wall, with fake distress (do you think the one is a ‘bullet hole’?) And I am fairly certain that one guy has “YO!” tattooed on his forehead. You go with your bad self!


One comment on “21/365”

  1. Nothing is as absurd as Hong Kong advertisements. But real graffiti gives one much more to contemplate than either an ad or a mock up. In principle, the idea of constructing a street scene with cred is funny to me, particularly outside of a shopping mall.

    My favorite HK graffiti (that I could read) was near Kowlong Tong MTR and said: “Visit China before China visits you.” You should check the alleys with the dai pai dongs and sweet shops near Times Square for good graffiti. Someone goes by the tag “Kill The Boss.”

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