This is one of the new t-shirt designs on offer from Giordano, a sort of low-end Gap kind of store in Hong Kong. I find it hilarious for more reasons than I can count… For example, don’t eyes represented by “X” typically mean you’ve bought the farm – like, dead man walking? That does not really ‘cheer me up.”

And don’t even get me started on the balloons where one might logically expect to find, I don’t know, a head. It is also quite a marketing ploy as everyone here is still totally kitted out in medical masks for Swine Flu prevention [here is where I think the lack of head on the mannequin actually might be an intentional mockery.] Do you remember H1N1? Yeah, me either. But hey, mo men tai… cheer you up la!


2 comments on “16/365”

  1. Genius! I have to get one of these t-shirts to wear on the plane home. Everytime I see that damn ‘Cheer u up’ campaign I think how effing stupid it is. Good call!

  2. pure designwänk.

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