Today was the summer solstice and we spent the day on the beach at Mo Tat Wan. Choosing a single photo to post was difficult but I chose to use one of my LBFF because it seemed to capture many of the elements of the day all at once.


4 comments on “1/365”

  1. love the pic, not only because he is a creation (half a creation) of mine, but the day itself was really special. (can i use some of your pics for my blog?)
    i actually really love the swaying of the necklace he’s wearing.
    thank you for everything.

    • I love this picture – and I am so glad you noticed the necklace, it is why I chose this shot for that day. Though I also love the light. And of course, the subject and his (half) creator! You made that!!

      You may use any photos I have for your blog, (I will post the other pictures soon.)

  2. I have been following your picture blog and this is for sure one of my favorite photos! I love the way the necklace was captured and seems to be the focal point of the image. It’s beautiful.

    Great shot!

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